Who TF is Top 6?

We've heard the whispers and seen the rolling eyes. I mean, I would want to know who Top 6 is, too!

So let's talk about how 6 artists – Narkiss, Freegame Vain, MrBaccAtIt, Sleepy, RDotThaMan, and Kemo Ginobili – got together after performing live at the Dive on 75 one night. Have you heard the Top 6 Spotify Playlist? Their music vibes clicked so well that it caught the attention of a popular club promoter named Kris Thompson from, of course, yours truly (us).

Kris had a bright idea and thought, "Why not bring these artists together as a team?" He pitched this idea to music manager, Brasianna "Colossal" Unykue, She liked it and she took charge of turning their separate performances into a one-hour show that was crazy good. And guess what? They promoted it for just three days and still had a packed house!

These artists aren't just playing music; they're creating an experience. Narkiss brings the sexy vibes, Freegame Vain brings the amazing energy, MrBaccAtIt is smooth with his melodies, Sleepy brings the gang, RDotThaMan got the hooks, and Kemo Ginobili's got the TRAAAAAAAPPPP.

It's not just about the songs – it's about friendship and creativity. It's more than music, but is an opportunity for the whole Underground to witness successful collaborations no matter what the world may say.

In a world where everyone's competing, Top 6 shows that working together can be magic. So, keep an ear out for their tunes, because Top 6 is a name you'll be hearing a lot. 

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